Good News From the Republican Presidential Debate!

Good News From the Republican Presidential Debate!
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Even though, according to many of the Republican presidential candidates who participated in this week's debate, our country is going on a collision course with disaster, it is time to rejoice.
It turns out that the solution to all that ails our country is easy, ever so easy.

But before we get to the solution, let's not forget the problem, which -- good news -- is also ever so simple. It turns out that Washington just does not work.

So while the government is the problem, the people are the solution. Break out the champagne. And please do not ruin the mood by pointing out that the government is made up of the people.
Not wanting for humility, the Republican presidential candidates in a clear and straightforward manner laid out their plans to fixing our country -- themselves. These are not individuals in need of self-esteem courses.

While our federal government may appear strapped for cash, according to many on the stage, there are billions and billions of dollars spent on waste, fraud and abuse (the three favorite words of candidates on both sides of the aisle). According to Newt Gingrich (yes, he is still a candidate), if we merely "modernize" our federal government, we could save $500 billion in waste every year. Rick Perry used similar words to essentially echo the same sentiment. Perry optimistically promised that with regulatory reform, and reform to our tax code the economy will "take off like a rocket." Michele Bachmann similarly promised that it is "easy" to turn around our economy; apparently all we need is a little "backbone."

So to all of you feeling blue about the economy, it's time to turn red -- at least according to those vying for the Republican presidential nomination.

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