Good Pitch vs. Bad Pitch

Today on She Takes on the World TV, we're talking more about what it takes to get great press.

Since releasing my first episode about getting press, I've received a lot of questions about what makes for a good pitch letter. So today I'm going to walk you through what a great pitch looks like (and give you an example of a not-so-great-one, too).

I also share:

  • How to capture an editor's attention right from the beginning

  • Why your pitch has to be about THEM, not you
  • The absolute worst mistake to make when starting a pitch (avoid this at all costs)
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    Remember, a great pitch is going to pique their attention and leave them wanting more.

    Use these tips as you pitch to bloggers and media outlets, and I have no doubt you'll be getting the press you deserve in no time at all. Let me know in a comment below which tip you like best, or share your own tips for getting awesome press.

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    It's an honor to be in your orbit.

    Cosmic hugs,

    Natalie MacNeil xo