Good Samaritan Helps Senior Who Fell On Busy Street As Others Cruise By

A true hero.

A selfless act by a good Samaritan might very well have saved the life of a fortunate senior citizen.

Barry Shaw was driving through a busy Miami, Florida intersection Tuesday when he saw an older man with a cane crossing the street.

“The gentleman there was just in the point of falling down on the ground,” Shaw told 7 News Miami. “He just went over, and I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness’.”

He says he couldn’t believe that other cars just swerved around the man rather than stopping to make sure he was alright.

Shaw, whose dashcam recorded the incident, immediately got out of his car and went to help the man. Luckily, he was able to flag down a few other people so that they could lift the man up and assist him to the other side of the street.

It’s estimated that nearly a quarter of Americans 65 and over suffer a fall each year, resulting in more than 2.5 million injuries and around 27,000 deaths.

Shaw said he was surprised others didn’t initially stop to assist the older man. 

“He could have easily gotten run over, very easily,” Shaw said. “When there’s the opportunity to help someone else, you have to take it.”




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