Good Samaritan's Quick Thinking Spares Stranger A Parking Ticket (PHOTO)

We love it when strangers have each other's backs.

Redditor Kidderboots overslept on Wednesday, but a good Samaritan helped him out. When a parking cop in Santa Monica, Calif., tried to issue the Redditor's car a ticket, the stranger stepped in.

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According to the note, when the stranger witnessed a cop about to ticket the car, he or she pretended they were the owner.

"If you're reading this," the good Samaritan wrote to the car's owner, "pass on the karma."

The post quickly rose on Reddit, earning more than 900 comments in just three hours. Some Redditors questioned the authenticity of the note, arguing that Kidderboots just wanted publicity and faked it. Others believed the story. We're choosing to do the latter.

"I got a roll of quarters and I'm going to plug some meters from time to time," Kidderboots wrote later in the comment thread when asked how he'd pay it forward. "[The good Samaritan] saved me $65."

Don't get down on parking officials, though. In June, a different Redditor posted a picture of a kind note left by a cop in Ottawa, who was more than understanding of one person's predicament!



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