This List Of Beautiful Things That Happened In 2016 Is What We Need Now

Post-election, we could use a reminder of all the good this year. Like more tigers and pandas.

For some, the thought of a Donald Trump presidency is a yuge downer.

Yet, in order to feel hopeful about the future, all you have to do is take a look at the recent past.

Tumblr user helthehatter posted a list of good things that have happened in 2016, and it has gone viral.

The assortment of good news stories posted on Nov. 8 has over 185,000 notes:

The list includes events such as volunteers in India planting almost 50 million trees in 24 hours, people dressed as angels blocking anti-gay protesters during Pulse nightclub funerals and Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar. It also mentions things that we can all still look forward to, like birthdays, kissing and the existence of puppies.

Helthehatter told BuzzFeed that they are “overwhelmed” by the reactions people are having toward it.

The Huffington Post has also put together its own list of places you can volunteer and ways to practice self-care if you feel like all hope is lost.

And let’s keep the good news coming!

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