You've Never Seen Robert Pattinson Like This

Here's a clip from his unhinged new crime drama, "Good Time."

It’s easy to take the “Twilight” actors for granted, but Robert Pattinson has proven time and again that he is one of today’s most gifted performers. Pattinson delivers career-best work in “Good Time,” which opened in select theaters Aug. 11 and expands across the country this weekend. 

In the slice-of-gritty-life crime drama, Pattinson plays Connie, a hard-up New Yorker who robs a bank with his mentally handicapped younger brother (Ben Safdie, who co-directed the movie with his brother Josh). When the plan backfires, Connie’s brother lands in jail, sending Connie on the hunt for $10,000 to bail him out. Enter Corey, Connie’s frazzled girlfriend, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. In the scene above, exclusive to HuffPost, Connie attempts to ask Corey to borrow the cash. 

“Good Time” takes place over the course of a single night, with Connie’s efforts to retrieve his brother growing ever more frantic. Pattinson sinks into the role, portraying a nearly irredeemable hoodlum who couldn’t be further from Edward Cullen. 

Watch the scene featuring Pattinson and Leigh above, and check out an exclusive featurette about “Good Time” below.



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