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Good Time for Your Dream Collage

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For all of us that are planning for the wanted things to come, re-patterning their old and unwanted habits and have a clear understanding on what to focus from now on -- a dream collage is a prerequisite to achieve them and to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Creating a dream collage is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to us. I have been using this powerful tool for several years with my clients helping them to gain clarity and to draw a fairly accurate image of their desired future. The dream collage has to represent your dreams, your goals, your focus and your perfect life.

A picture of your dream home, a sunset over the ocean with palm trees on the beach, your dream car or perfect soul mate stimulates your emotions that have a vibrational energy a certain frequency.

Those pictures are worth a thousand words, and that's why we like them to much. One quick view on the dream collage and we feel immediately the uplifting energy after an exhausting day. Its like a breath of fresh air.

So here is how it works ...

If you have defined your dreams, goals and desire for the next 6 -12 months, it is now the time to illustrate them visually. Your action is required.

Find pictures that perfectly symbolize your wishes that you are about to attract into your life. And instead of playing small, this is your playground where you are encouraged to play big, bold and without limitations. You are safe in this game! Everything is perfect.

Find wedding magazines at the next book store if you are creating your best day in your life, cut out the most beautiful dress, the perfect venue and decoration, wedding cake, your dream honeymoon location. No limits!

Include pictures, quotes, affirmations, photographs and whatever resonates with you and defines you. If you wish to lose 15 pounds before you wear the wedding dress... see yourself as already achieved and always have the end result in your mind.

Use your dream collage regardless where you are right now. It is a profound tool to get where you want to be -- that's what matters most.

Keep your dream collage well organized when you want to avoid chaos in your future, be quite selective and don't rush through it. Actually enjoy the process each step of your way.

Many of you know that I refer in my teachings that your emotions are the glue to make things happen -- that your wishes become reality when you add high positive emotions to it. In this project I encourage you to use the real glue to hold the picture on a canvas or you can use those white foam boards. Your dreams have to stick on the canvas (if you feel stuck). The size of your collage should be larger that your actual computer screen in your office or at home.

If you can get everything on one board because your life needs only a very particular focus in only one area -- I am thinking of athletes preparing for a major event in a year, or you are in the process of writing your final exam, your wedding, getting healthy and wealthy; keep it clear and organized. If you are multitasking in many areas of your life you may want to use multiple dream collages; one for business, one for family, one for leisure, one for your finances, etc.

This way you can have your office board with you in your office without sharing all your other dreams with the world.

Always keep your dream collage visible in your office, in your kitchen where you can see it. It will not do the job if you put it under your bed or with the other pile of files and documents in one of your drawers.

Look at your collage each morning and evening. And instead of telling yourself that you are still waiting for your dream partner to come into your life, tell yourself that he or she is our there and keep seeing the positive end result. It may happen tomorrow at the Starbucks.

Savor your first manifestations such as... we have made reservations for our wedding party venue and booked our honey moon or my dream car was delivered to me today and keep those pictures in your collage (so you know that you are able to attract this and more into your life). If small things become reality larger things will too. Only your believes will hold them back from coming to you.

I recommend you create your dream collage whenever you feel stuck, have no focus or can't quite figure out how life works or if you would like to expand dramatically. There is no perfect timing and no bad timing. Time is always right when you decide.

Look at your collage as often as you can, feel yourself into the desired situation and expect things to happen without pushing and rushing. When it doesn't matter when it comes -- it comes faster.

And remember: You are creating your reality, vibrationally and physically. Every day. Every minute. Now.

Dirk Stroda © 2015 The Dream Collage Project