'Good Vibes': Nude Beach Isn't Quite What Was Expected At First (VIDEO)

"Good Vibes" (Thu., 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV) went down a well-worn path for teen comedies when the boys decided to partake on a quest for the mythical nude beaches. And then when they got there, it was the same old result. The beach was filled with naked people, but it was old, naked people.

But then "Good Vibes" did something a little bolder, by fulfilling the promise of nubile young flesh in the nude when one of the old timers told the boys they should go party with his granddaughter. She was on a beach just down the way, and it was just the fantasy the boys were looking for.

Of course, then Mondo got intoxicated off of some strange drink and he and Woodie wound up naked and arrested, while Wadka was off his medications and out of his mind. It was apparently a bit of an homage to "The Hangover" franchise, as the boys couldn't really remember what all had happened, but that was glossed over for the typical horny jokes and animated near-nudity the show seems obsessed with.

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