Goodbye Tomorrow's 'Jay Z' Is 'A Dissertation On The Diaspora Of The Black Soul'

Other than hailing from Chicago, there is very little known about new artist Goodbye Tomorrow. Premiering his/their debut track on Monday, "Jay Z" plays more like a Kanye West track, perfectly balancing hard-hitting bass drums with melody. “Girls on the floor goin’ crazy / In a Mercedes, feelin’ like I’m Jay Z,” Goodbye Tomorrow sings on the hook, solidifying it as the perfect turn up track.

If that weren't enough, the song is paired with a video that will have you stuck on replay as you try to decipher this "Dissertation on the Diaspora of the Black Soul." It opens with a black man pounding away at a drum hooked up to a pair of floor-standing speakers, as two men who appear to be colonial slavers and two white cops approach and envelope the man in a thick fog of tear gas. About halfway through a computer reboot screen pops up, prompting you to "Repair Your Consciousness," with the simple, but thorough description: "Start living with only the core values and services. Use when you can see through the illusionary comfort of materialism." Immediately after, Goodbye Tomorrow lays out the unavoidable strobes of "We were kings before they made us ni--az," word by word.

We can't wait to see what Goodbye Tomorrow brings out next, but until then, we're going to be watching the video above on repeat. You can purchase "Jay Z" on iTunes.



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