8 Ways To Manage Your Child's Nighttime Wetting

Summertime, and the living’s easy — for your child, that is. From summer break to summer camp, sleepovers to family vacations, one’s childhood should be a time filled with fun and lasting memories. However, for the millions of children who wet the bed, a medical condition also known as nocturnal enuresis can often put these experiences out of reach. But a child’s shame or embarrassment shouldn’t keep them from participating in social events where their nighttime routine may make him or her self-conscious.

We partnered with the GoodNites NiteLite Panel — pediatrician Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman and author and blogger Meagan Francis — to provide advice on how parents can help their child manage nighttime wetting during summer and beyond so they can stay comfortable and confident every night under the covers.

Check out our tips below, and share your experiences with our readers in the comments section.

How To Deal With Your Child's Nighttime Wetting