Goodwill Launches "Donate Movement" and Calls on People to Donate with a Purpose

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Today, Goodwill® launched the "Donate Movement" to encourage people to donate used clothing and other items to their local Goodwill. Through this initiative, we want to increase conscious donating by letting you know about the power of your donated goods.

It might sound surprising that we need to have initiatives like this, but seven out of 10 consumers admit that sometimes, they choose not to donate and simply discard their items. Not only that, but for every one article of clothing donated, people have at least 30 more articles of clothing that are ready to be donated. These statistics are astounding!

The way we at Goodwill look at it, we need to reach consumers and encourage them to always donate their used and unused goods. Why? The easy answer is to help others. The more compelling answer is with every 30 items that we receive, a person in your community receives 4 hours of job search training. This could be a person in your community who doesn't have a job and is struggling to support a family.

By donating a working computer, you can give a person 5.3 hours of career counseling. This could be your neighbor who lost his job because an industry left your community.

Or, one bike, one coat, and one DVD provide an hour of on-the-job training for one person. This could be a senior in your community who needs learn new skills to remain in today's job sector.

To commemorate the launch of the Donate Movement, I want to invite you to join our first-ever Donate Challenge. Not only will you be able to help those in your community who face challenges in finding employment, but you will also reduce waste in your area's landfills.

With Goodwill's Donation Impact Calculator, you can find out just how much your donation can change lives. Visit to learn more.