Google +1 Button: Now On A Websites Near You, Next To The Facebook 'Like'

How To Use Google's Sharing Button

As of June 1, Google social button will grace the pages of websites and make sharing content easier among Google users.

This Google +1 button will appear on third-party news sites like The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Reuters and more. Google properties like Blogger, YouTube, and the Android Market will also feature this sharing button soon.

The button will appear alongside social sharing features from other social networks, chiefly Facebook's "Like" and Twitter's "Tweet" buttons, and will function in much the same way.

A post on the Official Google Blog explains the feature thus:

With a single click you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favorite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world. The next time your connections search, they could see your +1's directly in their search results, helping them find your recommendations when they're most useful.

You can enable the +1 feature via Google's experimental site. The feature will work only if you're signed in to your Google profile, from which you can manage your +1 recommendations and history.

The search engine initially introduced this Google +1 feature in March for sharing search results and advertisements.

Check out The Huffington Post's Google +1 button (below), and read on to learn more about the button's features.


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