A 97-Year-Old Visits Google, Is Flabbergasted By 'The Future'

Olive Horrell got to visit the tech company's Mountain View campus thanks to Wish of a Lifetime.

"Certainly in my wildest dreams, I couldn't conceive of what I saw today."

Those were the awestruck words uttered by 97-year-old Olive Horrell after her recent visit to "the future" -- also known as Google’s headquarters.

Thanks to Wish Of A Lifetime, a non-profit that grants wishes to seniors, the nonagenarian got a special VIP tour of Google’s Mountain View, California, campus. During her visit, Horrell got to ride around in a driverless car, create her own Google Doodle, chat with top engineers about the cloud, and experience the wonders of a virtual reality headset, among other activities. 

"There's no way I can understand that," Horrell said in wonder after using the Google Cardboard virtual reality device, per CNN. "The horse. I was so sure I could touch the horse."

Horrell was born near the end of World War I on a farm in rural Montana. Growing up, she had no electricity or indoor plumbing, had no clue what radio was, and got around by horse and buggy.

She now lives in a California nursing home where she heard about the Wish of a Lifetime program. According to CNN, she thought about her wish for three years before she came to a decision: She wanted to "see the future." She wanted to visit Google.

"I’m intrigued with the changes I’ve seen in my life," said Horrell in an AP video about her visit.  "It’s a real learning experience for me today … Life has got to be fun."

According to CNN, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is one of Wish of a Lifetime's biggest individual donors. Learn more about the non-profit and the work they do by visiting their website


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