Google Adds 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Button To Flight Search Tool

Google Now Picks Your Destination For You

As if they didn't already do enough for us, Google now doubles -- or triples, or quadruples or whatever -- as our travel agent.

This week, the company added the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to its Flight Search tool.

First, specify the dates you want to travel in Flight Search. Then, "expand the map" and choose your ideal length of flight and what you're willing to pay for tickets. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky," and Google will present you with (hopefully) the trip of your dreams to a random destination. You can book right then and there, or keep clicking to see more trips.

It's like a travel slot machine, Google explains on its blog.

The new button is part of a revamped Google Flights interface, which also includes a map that shows ticket prices to a variety of destinations. Toggle your travel dates, ideal fare, airline preferences and times, and little pinpoints on the map list city names and ticket prices from your current location. The world is, quite literally, at your fingertips in an easy-to-review format. Flight searching will probably never be the same.

The future of travel can be a scary one -- but if this is part of it, we're jazzed.

Watch the new Google Flight Search make travel look insanely easy (and it would be, if we could all just hop on a plane at the drop of a phone call):

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