The Secret of Google and Amazon's Most Successful Employees


Google and Amazon have perhaps collected more employee data than any other modern organization. Both have come to similar conclusions about the key to being Purpose-Oriented and thriving at work.

The result of Google's research found that gratitude was the common ingredient in their successful employees.

Amazon found that 'lucky people', or what they later reframed as those that feel lucky in their lives, were the ones that thrived. Same concept, different word.

The core of this gratitude mindset is seeing the world as full of opportunity. It comes from being in awe of everything around us. It comes from developing the ability to see abundance in every direction, even on hard days.

This mindset is something we can all practice and develop. Harvard's Jennifer McCrea developed a simple exercise that she does with her kids at dinner every night to help us look at the world with gratitude. She calls it SIM (surprised, inspired, and moved).

Every day, take the time to reflect and ideally share with someone, "what surprised, inspired, and moved you today?"

It is a daily two-minute habit that allows anyone, in any job, to uncover purpose all around them.

So, what surprised, inspired, and moved you today?

This article originally appeared on Imperative.