Animal Lovers Will Squeal Over Recent Google Update

What does the piggy say, Google?

Do you know what sound the humpback whale makes? You do now, thanks to Google.

If you search for "what sound does a ______ make," with the blank being one of 19 animals, Google will show you a little window that lets you play the noise directly from your phone or computer. Each animal sound is accompanied by a cute illustration.

You can also just search for "animal sounds" or "animal noises" to see an assortment.

You might also get a kick out of trying the feature out in different languages. While real cats technically sound the same no matter where in the world they are (even on "Cat Island"), different languages use different onomatopoeia expressions to describe their cries.

On Google's Japanese version, for example, you'll see that the cat says "nyaa" and the pig says "buu buu" -- in English, of course, we say "meow" and "oink."


A spokeswoman for Google told The Huffington Post that the feature launched on Jan. 27, but you probably haven't noticed it unless you've been Googling with a tot on your lap.

Which brings us to another point: The feature might seem a bit silly to adults who can say with confidence that a dog says "woof," but parents might get a kick out of sharing it with young kids. Because the feature displays directly within Google, you don't have to click over to any sketchy websites or pull up a YouTube video that you haven't vetted. Sounds good to us.

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