Google 'Askew' On iPhone, Android And See Search Slant

Google 'Askew' On iPhone, Android And Watch Things Get Weird

Some smartphone users recently discovered a Google search easter egg that causes their phone's display to tip slightly to the right when querying certain words.

This so-called "Google Tilt" feature was originally thought to occur only on iPhones, but it can also be unlocked on Android devices. It also applies to other terms besides "tilt": If you Google the word "askew," the search results page will look a tad off-center once it has loaded.

(The trick apparently does not work on BlackBerry devices.)

Have you tried searching for this easter egg on your iPhone or Android handset? Have you noticed any other mobile platforms that display a lopsided Google results page for "tilt" or "askew"? Or any other words that spark the slant?

Check out iPhone screenshots of "tilt" and "askew" (below). Then, check out Google's hilarious April Fools' prank.



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