What Each State Wants To Learn, According To Google Autofill

From "How to stop Trump?" to "How to sell your soul?"

In this day and internet-obsessed age, there’s virtually nothing you can’t learn from the almighty Google.

From writing a résumé to surviving the zombie apocalypse, the search engine is always there with sometimes helpful, often entertaining answers. But what you want to learn may depend on where you live, as uncovered by Estately.

The real estate blog used Google Trends and Google Autocomplete to find out which how-to questions were asked more frequently in each state over the past five years. The results were sometimes predictable, and often downright absurd.


It makes sense that people in Alaska, the Last Frontier, were more likely to Google “How to fish,” but it’s a little perplexing that the good folks in Kansas are frequently Googling, “How to find Kansas?”

And while New Jerseyans seem concerned with the future of our country and are figuring out how to stop Donald Trump, Texans appear to be looking for a way out by asking, “How to sell your soul?”

Want to know what people in your state have been trying to learn? Find out in the map by Estately above.

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