Google Background Image: How To Remove And Add Images On (PICTURES)

Impressed by the background image on today?

Thanks to a new feature from Google, you can choose your own!

Last week, Google debuted a tool that enables you to put a background image of your choice on in place of Google's bland white background.

Here's how to add your own image:

Click "Add a background image and make Google your own" (under the search box).

Log in to Google and select a background image (from a public Picasa gallery, your Picasa album, your computer, or 'Editor's Picks')

And you're all set! To remove the image, click "Remove background image," located on the bottom left-hand side of

Information Week reports that, according to an email from Google, customizing with a background image will not slow the search engine's load time.

The "wallpaper Google" feature will let users make look more like how they'd like it to appear--but it will also make Google look more like Bing, Microsoft's rival search engine, which features a new background image every day.

Will you change your background? Why or why not?