Google Behind The Numbers: Search Giant's Revenue Larger Than GDP Of 28 Poorest Countries (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: Just How Big Is Google?

We all know that Google is big. But just how big? Consider this: The search giant's 2010 revenue was larger than the economies of the 28 poorest countries in the world...combined.

The data wizards at, who designed the below infographic, took the 2010 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures from the IMF's World Economic Outlook Database and found that the $29.3 billion in revenue the search giant brought in last year trumps the combined GDPs of the world's 28 poorest countries.

The infographic, which is currently among the highest-voted business graphics on the data visualization site, communicates some other stunning figures, including how much time the world's population spends Googling, how much energy it takes to keep the search giant's servers humming and the source of the majority of the company's revenue.

But before we declare Google the outright victor in the battle for our online attention, consider this: according to the Wall Street Journal, Internet users spent about 25% more time on Facebook than they did on Google during May of this year. The Journal reports that this is a two-thirds increase over the same time the previous year.

And while Google's revenue is certainly a force to be reckoned with, Apple's current market value of $353 billion is about 77% higher than Google's.

But just how big is $353 billion? Check out this other infographic from to see what industries are dwarfed by the world's most valuable tech company.

A note about the infographic: Google settled the investigation regarding the ads from Canadian pharmacies in August of this year, not in September as indicated below.
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