Best Google Bug Ever Adds 'Praise The iPad' To Text-To-Speech Commands (VIDEO)

In a hilarious quirk that may have gone almost undetected for months, Google’s text-to-speech engine often ends sentences with the peculiar phrase “he now praises the iPad."

According to TechCrunch, the bug appears in Google Now as well as in Google Translate, and easy to replicate as long as you ask the services the right question. Ending a sentence using "end with," "enraged with" or "filled with" consistently does the trick, the site wrote.

For example, go to Google Translate and write, "A giraffe walks at an end with." Google will in turn translate, "A giraffe walks at an end, he now praises the iPad."

Software developer Paul Kafasis has been tracking the tech issue on his blog One Foot Tsunami for almost three months, reports Business Insider.

It's a bug that's "sure to rank near the top of any list of 'most bizarre bugs,' and it’s likely to be ignored altogether due to its sheer preposterousness," Kafasis writes.

Maybe, but now the bug has gone viral, showing up on the Hacker News site, as well as Gizmodo.

So what exactly is going on? Has Android developed a secret crush on Apple's very popular tablet?

Probably not, according to On Foot Tsunami, which notes the phrase seems to have originated from a MacNN article that contains the line.

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