New Google Buzz Button Lets You Follow, Share With Ease: Here's How

Since the launch of Google Buzz earlier this year, Google has been consistently tweaking its social media platform with a host of updates and changes, from privacy upgrades to collapsing comment threads.

Today, Google rolled out yet one more feature: a Google Buzz button that will allow users to share posts directly on their Buzz streams and more seamlessly follow accounts.

Google introduced the new feature on its official blog:

We've seen lots of people using Google Buzz to share interesting links from around the web. To do so, you had to copy and paste the link from one browser window to another -- there weren't buttons that made it easy to post to Google Buzz without leaving the site you're on. [...] This morning we're making copy-and-paste Buzz buttons available for anyone to use.

You can check out the new Google Buzz button below, or get your own here. Click the button to follow HuffPost Tech on Buzz!

The buttons will be integrated into a host of sites that include the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and the Washington Post, as well as web widgets such as ShareThis.

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