Google Calculator Now Gives You A Big Keyboard (Plus Voice Command)

Admit it: You've been letting your old, clunky plastic calculator collect dust for years ever since Google built into its search bar the ability to add, subtract, and do all sorts of other fancy math.

But Google, never content with any iteration of its products, is now giving you a reason to throw out that pre-Internet paperweight for good.

The company has added a 34-button calculator keyboard feature to its search engine. Trying to recreate the convenience of your school-days scientific calculator, Google's tool appears whenever you Google the word "calculator" or a mathematical expression like "4+4."

The white Google-sleek calculator face, pictured below, includes 16 functions (plus the Euler's number and pi), giving users buttons to do everything from grade-school arithmetic to high school-level trigonometric and logarithmic calculations.

To boot: You can command all these maths just by talking. Google voice-enabled the calculator for the first time, according to TechCrunch.

Gone are the days of memorizing the at-times difficult syntax of Google Search's previous calculator functions, which required you to use a "*" to multiply or type out "sqrt()" in order to get a square root. Now, any function is a single virtual keyboard click away.

We've said in the past that Google's trying to do your thinking for you. Consider the calculator upgrade Google's latest outsourcing of your mind.

Check out the tool (below), and tell us in the comments if you'll be using it.

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