Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Most Controversial Quotes About Privacy

Google CEO's Most Controversial Privacy Quotes

Google could face huge fines and loss of customer trust as a result of its recent privacy stumbles. In October, the Internet search giant admitted that its Street View cars had collected personal emails, passwords and more over unsecured Wi-Fi connections. In September, the company confirmed that a Google engineer was fired for accessing personal data of users, four of whom were minors.

For years, users and watchdog organizations have voiced their concerns about Google's privacy policies and its control over users' digital lives. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has frequently addressed these concerns, but he hasn't always alleviated fears.

Schmidt's statements about privacy sometimes seem to conflict with Google's "Don't be evil" mantra, and his predictions about the future of tech sound startlingly invasive to some.

Although Schmidt has claimed that some of his controversial remarks have been jokes, he has also admitted to misspeaking and stoking anxieties.

See our roundup of Schmidt's most controversial quotes about privacy below. Do you think his statements are reasonable? Worrisome? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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