Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Dances 'Gangnam Style' With K-Pop Sensation Psy (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Google's Eric Schmidt Dances 'Gangnam Style' With K-Pop Sensation Psy

While visiting South Korea to promote the Nexus 7, Google chairman Eric Schmidt jumped on the "Gangnam Style" bandwagon, as the "normally staid executive loosened up by dancing with Korean pop sensation Psy," PC Mag writes.

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(Credit: Google Korea)

The Korean pop star met Schmidt at Google's Seoul office this week, and the pair reportedly chatted about Psy's ultra-viral "Gangnam Style" video.

Clearly excited to have met the Google exec, Psy tweeted Thursday:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Schmidt spoke about Psy’s YouTube success at a news conference before their meeting.

“With K-pop, we had a whole industry of extraordinarily high quality music that was largely not available outside of Japan and Korea and a couple other countries. YouTube made it mainstream and global,” Schmidt said.

“I think there will be many other such breakouts and such great talents. I think the story here is not really about YouTube or Google. It’s about the fact that there is a amazing talent all around the world that could not be discovered before and that now has a global audience, which the talent can benefit from financially, with recognition, lifestyle et cetera.”

Psy's "Gangnam Style" video has already racked up more than 290 million views on YouTube since its release in July, and it has spawned a whole legion of copycats, parodies and die-hard fans.

And now with Schmidt's funky footwork immortalized on video (see below), it seems the Google exec has succumbed to the lure of the catchy song and dance routine himself.

For more on PSY's "Gangnam Style," click through this slideshow:

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