Funniest YouTube Videos Ranked By New Google Algorithm (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Funniest YouTube Videos Ever, According To Google

In a recent profile for The New York Times, reporters caught up with Charlie and Harry Davies-Carr, the two precocious British brothers who shot to Internet stardom after a short video of the two -- the now-infamous "Charlie bit my finger - again!" -- garnered hundreds of million of views on YouTube.

Charlie, 5, and Harry, 7, have made over $158,000 off the video to date, and plans are in the works for children's books and YouTube channel.

But is the most successful noncommercial video in YouTube history also the funniest?

To find out, Google researchers worked with the YouTube Slam Team to develop an algorithm to rate the comedy value of YouTube videos.

Using criteria like the title, description and tags, and input from "trained classifiers," the team created a new version of their "YouTube Slam" challenge to allow users to rank the funniest videos.

Check out the slideshow below to see videos that topped the charts after 855,000 votes were cast.

Be sure to share your opinion by giving the videos your own rating of one to five stars.


YouTube Comedy Slam

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