Google Doodle Archive: How You Can Play Google's Addictive Les Paul Guitar Doodle After It's Down

If you're as addicted to the Google Les Paul doodle as we are, you probably have a problem.

But that doesn't mean the fun has to end once it comes down.

Google's logo archive has every portrayal of the company's logo index, all the way back to the very first Google doodle from August 30, 1998. Today's logo will be no exception, and amateur Google guitarists can rest easy knowing their instrument of choice hasn't vanished completely.

While the archive largely contains static doodles with no interaction, it also includes those that are interactive, each with its own URL.

Whether or not users can actually download the Google guitar is unclear, though the infamous Pacman interactive doodle did surface for download. You can play with the Pacman doodle online here.

If you're not already addicted to the Les Paul doodle, which has become tremendously popular, you can learn how to play it with our *exclusive* lessons.