Google Kicks Off Winter Olympics With Vibrant 'Snow Games' Doodle

Who knew dogs could ski-jump?

Google is getting into the Winter Olympics spirit with its homepage doodles.

The internet giant unveiled the first animation from its new “Snow Games” series on Friday, hours before the Pyeongchang 2018 opening ceremony.

It will release a different Winter Olympic-themed doodle each day, until the games end on Feb. 25.

Friday’s debut doodle begins with a magpie, which is a good luck symbol in Korea, landing on Google’s logo. A penguin later zooms down a snowy mountain, dogs ski-jump, and a snake indulges in some figure skating.


It ends with other animals applauding from the sidelines.

It looks like the whole animal kingdom has turned out to watch the excitement unfold over the next two weeks!” Google wrote in a blog post explaining the series.

Check out the daily doodle by visiting Google’s homepage here, and see the series as it unfurls here.

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