Kindly Allow This Abstraction Of Google Earth To Blow Your Mind

Ever since Google street view began assisting lost drivers and nosy internet stalkers with an almighty bird's eye view of virtually any locale, it has also been involved in some seriously inspired art projects. We've already gushed over artistic endeavors involving street view glitches and unexplained surreal moments. Now we're turning our attention to a project that highlights the psychedelic beauty of the device itself, stripped of all its glitches and accidents.


Artist Thompson Harrell teamed up with MPC digital to create "The Color Project," a kaleidoscopic moving quilt weaved from the geometric abstractions of grassy lawns, narrow roads and swimming pools.

The chosen locations have one thing in common: they are all featured in indie films, from "Maria Full of Grace" to "Stranger Than Paradise." With each destination, the camera hovers above before plunging in and focusing on a particular color in the landscape, one the artists felt in a sense defined the space. Once zoomed-in and simplified to a single, piercing hue, the dizzying view of destinations congeals into a hypnotic geometric net; a remixed map of color and line.


Simultaneously displaying the uniqueness of each place and the unifying textures that in the end unite them, "The Color Project" is not your average Thomas Guide. Watch the entire project below -- full screen, of course -- and sit back while the roads, fences and trees you thought you knew explode into a virtual lava lamp of geography. Yes, it's that cool.