Google Begins Adding Flight Schedules To Search Results

Looks like online travel sights might have had a reason to worry: Google has announced it will begin integrating flight schedules into its search.

When searching something like, "Flights from New York to St. Louis," Google now presents travel information below the search, including airlines, flight times, schedules and more. By clicking "Schedule of non-stop flights," users can see the full list of flights serving their needs.

Take a look at how it works:

Users can also choose to search for flights from specific airports, by searching terms like "Flights from La Guardia." All destinations with non-stop flights from that airport can be are then displayed.

Watch Related Video Below:

Google purchased travel data giant ITA Software, over the protests of a coalition of travel sites including Expedia and Kayak. When approving the deal, the Justice Department required that Google make travel data available to competitors and open itself to monitoring over whether its behavior was anticompetitive. However, Google says this new feature does not use ITA's software.

Google noted in a blog post that finding flights is "one of the most popular online activities," adding that its new feature aims to "make it a little easier to find results for your travel-related searches."

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