5 Places Google Glass Has Already Been Banned

5 Places Google Glass Has Already Been Banned

When Google Glass becomes commonplace, everything will change, and not necessarily for the better.

At least that's how many people feel about the Internet-connected glasses, scheduled for release later this year. Mark Sullivan of PCWorld called Glass the "ultimate surveillance," while Mark Hurst, founder of the consulting firm Creative Good, wrote that "the experience of being a citizen, in public, is about to change." The U.K. campaign group "Stop The Cyborgs" is pushing for a limit on the uses of Glass, warning that the technology will completely change how we view privacy.

Some establishments, such as strip clubs and bars, are taking preemptive measures to stop the Glass-induced sea change. As NBC reported this week, many places have declared they're banning Glass before it even hits the market. See below for five places where you won't be able to wear the futuristic headgear.


Places That Have Banned Google Glass

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