'The Daily Show' Nails Exactly What's Wrong With Google Glass

"The Daily Show" took a full swing at Google Glass on Thursday. Once just a funny-looking face-computer, the device has transformed into something of a $1,500 embodiment of both modern privacy invasion and America's yawning wealth divide.

But there's something even more annoying about Glassholes, and correspondent Jason Jones got to the heart of exactly what that is.

"Let's put aside that these glasses are just [beep] stupid," he told a group of people wearing Glass. "What is it about this that seems like it's too much for you?" he said while pretending to look down at his cell phone.

"The best uses of Glass today are apps where it acts as an interface between you and the real world," one of the Glass Explorers responded.

"Do you guys hear yourselves when you talk?" Jones said. "An interface between you and the real world? Those are called eyes."