Google Glass As You Know It Is Gone

The company is shutting down its "Explorer" program and halting sales of the $1,500 gadget.

It looks like Google may be giving up on getting people to buy Glass -- for now.

The company is shifting strategies, shuttering the Google Glass "Explorer" program and halting sales of the $1,500 gadget, according to a blog post published Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is moving Glass from its Google X research lab to a separate unit led by Ivy Ross that will report to Tony Fadell.

Fadell leads Nest Labs, which produces "smart" technology like thermostats and smoke detectors. Google bought it last year for more than $3 billion.

The move seems to signal that Google Glass may be struggling to connect to consumers, which you may have guessed given that some Glass ambassadors have been physically attacked just for wearing the thing. Certain bars have also banned the wearable, which allows individuals to easily record their surroundings and get information delivered straight to their eyeball.

A representative for Google said the company had no information to share beyond its blog post.

"We’re continuing to build for the future, and you’ll start to see future versions of Glass when they’re ready," Google wrote.

Even if the product isn't yet a hit with consumers, Business Insider notes that businesses have embraced it.

Organizations like Virgin Airlines have experimented with the product, and one analysis said smartglasses could significantly increase workplace efficiency in a variety of industries.

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