Google Glasses Parodies: The Funniest Videos Making Fun Of Google's BIg New Project

The Funniest Google 'Glasses' Parodies

Since Google released a video unveiling its plans for augmented reality specs, called "Project Glass," many parody videos have popped up on YouTube making fun of everything from the device's not-so-smart future users to its potential pitfalls.

That's not to say that Google's high-tech spectacles might not be useful in the future. Just think of wearing a device -- right over your regular glasses, if you need to -- that could easily help you navigate both the real world and the virtual world simultaneously. The possibilities for such a product are endless, but, as evidenced by these parodies, its development still has a long way to go.

Flip through the slideshow below to check out some of the funniest "Project Glass" spoofs, and let us know: Which one do you like best? Would you buy a pair of Google's awesome specs, even after watching these videos? Share your thoughts in the comments!

9 Best Google Glass Parodies

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