Google Glasses Parody Pokes Fun At Project Glass (VIDEO)

Google took the Internet by storm Wednesday with the unveiling of Project Glass, an Android-powered augmented reality headset prototype, but some are worried that the futuristic glasses might not be as amazing in real life as they appear in Google's teaser video.

In the parody video (above), Tom Scott highlights the differences between Google's vision of augmented reality and something that's probably closer to reality.

For example, Google's clip previews an apparently hands-free, voice-controlled experience in which the user completes a phone conversation with a friend, then plots a route via Google Maps before heading off to meet the friend. The whole thing looks wonderful and convenient -- perhaps too convenient.

Think texting and walking is dangerous? Just imagine trying to sort through obnoxious pop-up messages from spammers while trying to get to the store. (No! Cancel! Abracadabra! Delete! Go away!)

The tech-savvy fashionista in the parody video not only becomes a danger to himself (WATCH OUT FOR THAT POLE!), he puts other pedestrians at risk for unpleasant collisions, too.

We've also got to point out that talking to yourself while sporting ultramodern glasses might garner funny looks from strangers. If society still can't get past giving Bluetooth users funny looks when they seem to be having conversations with themselves, how do Google glasses users expect to walk on by without getting the stink eye?

We're also concerned that Google's headset might make us look "pretty goddamned nerdy," to quote Gizmodo. Then again, the device is way prettier than some of the other headsets we've seen.

Watch the parody of Google's Project Glass (above), and check out the real video (below). Scroll further down to take a look at photos of the prototype, teased by Google yesterday. (Click here to read more about Project Glass.)

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