Google Will Link With Whole Foods, Costco To Test Delivery Service

Because what DOESN'T Google do for us?!

Yup, Google wants to grocery shop for you.

On Tuesday, the company announced it will parter with stores like Whole Foods and Costco to test out a new delivery service for fresh food and groceries sometime this year. The test will roll out in San Francisco and another, yet-to-named U.S. city, Bloomberg reports.

The service will deliver fresh fruits, veggies and other fresh foods to customers... much of them via our favorite purveyor of upscale asparagus water.

You can already order non-perishable groceries and other food products from retailers like Fairway Market, Costco and Target through Google Express. Yesterday, Google also announced that it will expand Express service to five Midwest states, adding to current service areas which include Northern California, Manhattan, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Google's new fresh-food grocery service will compete with other delivery services like Instacart and AmazonFresh, which are resonating with more and more customers in the blossoming, billion-dollar food delivery industry.

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