Google Hangout Weddings Allow Same-Sex Marriages In Places Where It's Not Yet Legal

Until just a month ago, same-sex marriage was not legal in France, but that didn't stop these French same-sex couples from getting married. The group Tous Unis Pour l'Egalité (French for "All States For Equality") created a high-tech way for same-sex couples in France to get married. All they needed was the Internet.

These gay couples connected with a Belgian mayor via Google's video conferencing service, Google Hangout. The mayor married these couples over video calls from Belgium as the couples were surrounded by their loved ones both in person and online. Google Hangout allows up to 10 computers to connect to each other on one call. The ceremonies are emotional and beautiful.

The laws in France have recently changed, but people in other countries (and most U.S. states) are not that lucky. "If your country is still deliberating the Bill and the Law is not yet passed, please be in touch with us: and we will marry you, from France, live on the Internet via Google Hangouts," the group writes in the description of its YouTube video. You, too, can participate in the phenomenon that Tous Unis Pour l'Egalité calls "social same-sex weddings."

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