Google Plays With Helvetica, Comic Sans For April Fools' 2011 Gag (PICTURES)

Google Gets Funny With Fonts

Google is getting funny with fonts in honor of April Fools' day.

The search engine has pulled out a slew of pranks, from launching Gmail Motion to posting notice of its need for an "autocompleter".

It's also playing fast and loose with fonts in a gag that's sure to please typography buffs: Google "Helvetica," and you'll see a page of search results that appear entirely in Comic Sans. Search for "Comic Sans," and the results are all in Comic Sans.

Note that Googling "Wingdings" or "Courier" doesn't produce the same results.

Check out screenshots of the prank below, then see more of Google's jokes here, along with the April Fools' gags from Hulu, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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