Google Helps Launch Global Human Trafficking Network To Fight Slavery (VIDEO)

Three organizations fighting global slavery and trafficking were collectively awarded $3 million by Google last week.

The money comes in the form of a Global Impact Award, which supports nonprofits that use technology to solve problems. Polaris Project, Liberty Asia and La Strada International are currently collaborating on a "Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network," which analyzes data from local hotlines to crack down on the lucrative -- and destructive -- practice of slavery.

According to a Google announcement about the awards, some 21 million people are enslaved across the world, generating $32 billion for those that profit from slavery.

The Global Impact Awards program was launched in December last year, when $23 million in grants were given to seven nonprofits. The organizations are trying to solve "the world's toughest human challenges," and tackle issues ranging from water to education to wildlife preservation.

Watch the Google announcement about the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network above.

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