Google Global Impact Challenge Aims To Find UK Charities That Are Innovating Through Technology

Yesterday, Google announced the 10 finalists of the Global Impact Challenge, an initiative that aims to reward British charities using technology for social good. Four £500,000 awards will be awarded, three of which will be chosen by a panel and one by the public.

The charities cover a wide variety of social good initiatives, including entrepreneurship, micro-donations, early-age technology training and the reduction of sexual violence. One finalist, the Zoological Society of London, is developing the next generation of camera traps to protect threatened wildlife from poachers. Another, Integrity Action, is working to improve public infrastructure in war-torn countries with an online platform that allows the public to report on development projects.

The panel of judges includes, among others, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited with creating the World Wide Web in 1989.

The UK Global Impact Challenge is the first country-specific initiative of the Global Impact Awards series.

In the US, the Polaris Project recently won a Global Impact Award for its advances in the fight against human trafficking. The awards aim to bolster nonprofits that utilize technology to address global issues.

Voting for the fan favorite closes on May 31.

Find more information and the complete list of finalists here.