Google Launches New Dictionary: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 7, 2009

Google is taking aim at Miriam Webster and Oxford by launching its own dictionary. The move will direct all definition searches to the new Google Dictionary, which will have complete authoritative definitions, sentence examples and links with more detail. Google hopes that the new service will be ingrained into the daily lives of its users, who rely on Google services for a plethora of web needs.

Apple acquired music streaming service LaLa this past weekend. The deal is viewed by analysts as a step towards pushing subscription music sales, and streaming services into mobile applications. Many believe that the acquisition could signal a subscription streaming offering through iTunes.

A class at the University of Michigan is turning the iPhone into an orchestra. Students in the Mobile Phone Ensemble class are learning how to develop, produce and play digital instruments on the iPhone, through which they will compose and recite new musical arrangements. The class will play its first show as an ensemble this week.

After reports that he is gay, actor Ron Livingston is suing Wikipedia. The married actor's profile on Wikipedia claims Livingston is in a relationship with another man, a claim backed up by reportedly phony Facebook page. Livingston is suing Wikipedia for libel and invasion of privacy, amongst other things, which may force the organization to divulge the name and IP address of the anonymous detractor responsible for the claims.

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