Google Maps April Fools' Day 2013: Search For Captain Kidd's Long-Lost Treasure (VIDEO)

Do you seek an adventure filled with travel, excitement and possibly, gold? If so, then Google wants you!

In 2012, the search engine was conducting an expedition off the coast of Madagascar for its underwater Street View collection when the divers stumbled upon antique treasure maps reportedly belonging to the infamous pirate, William "Captain" Kidd.

Google then digitized the maps and launched a worldwide treasure hunt. Decipher the maps, and you may just recover Captain Kidd's long-lost riches.

To begin your search, click over to Google Maps. Once there, select the Treasure Mode option in the top right corner and begin looking for hidden symbols. The map will contain numerous treasures, if only you can figure out how to find them.

Such opportunities for riches and fame do not come without risk. As you look for the hidden chests, take care to gently unfold each map in order to avoid ripping it.

Beware of pirates. They're hygiene-deficient and thieves to boot.

Lastly, while searching for the hidden symbols, be careful not to set your laptop on fire.

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