Google Maps Finds Heaven in Brooklyn?

Some have long argued that Google is in the midst of taking over the world, but has the giant media company actually tapped into the otherworld?

An image from Google Maps' Street View has people wondering just what is going on on 9th Street in Carroll Gardens.

first reported the heavenly sight in Brooklyn, saying that "this isn't the first strange thing ever captured by Google Maps' Street View, but it might be the most other-worldly."

Meanwhile the New York Times dug a little deeper into the story and received a follow-up e-mail from Google spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo that said, "If you spin around in the panorama, you can see the shadow of the car which indicates that the sun was pretty direct on that front lens... These are not uncommon in Street View imagery, but they're usually much less dramatic!"

Even if the company's explanation is not to be believed, the truth of the matter is that it seems highly unlikely that Heaven on Earth would happen anywhere near the Gowanus Canal.

Photographic proof(?) below: