Google Maps Trike: New 'Street View' Bike Will Map Your Mall (VIDEO)

Google Maps' 'Street View' feature -- which lets you virtually visit just about any block in the world -- is getting even more up close and personal.

The images that make up Google's Street View are culled from cameras mounted on moving Google cars that foot-by-foot, block-by-block snap pictures of neighborhoods, streets, and highways, then overlay them onto Google Maps.

These make for highly detailed maps, but there are also some limits: Google Street View can't show places that are inaccessible by car.

Enter the Google 'Street View trike': a 250 pound, three-wheeled bike mounted with a digital camera. Watch it in the video below!

Google is asking people just like you to nominate which places the Street View trike should go to first.

Here's the list of places they want to document, submit ideas for the most "unique" spots in these categories at

  • Parks & Trails
  • University Campuses
  • Pedestrian Malls (e.g., outdoor shopping areas, boardwalks)
  • Theme Parks & Zoos
  • Landmarks
  • Sports Venues (e.g., golf courses, racing tracks, stadium grounds)

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