Google Me: Google To Launch A 'Facebook Killer'?

Google Me, Google's Facebook Killer, Set To Launch?

Facebook's recently-announced Open Graph search feature has been likened to a "Google killer."

But Google may be bringing the fight to Facebook, too.

According to a tweet from Digg founder Kevin Rose, Google is preparing to launch a rival social networking service called "Google Me."

Rose wrote in a tweet:

Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon "Google Me", very credible source

What is Google planning? And how would a new "Facebook competitor" tie in with Google's existing social networking services, Orkut and Google Buzz?The Next Web speculates that Google might be planning an integration of the two, which could potentially give it an initial user base of 200 million people--already half as big as Facebook, with its 400 million members:

If Google truly is getting into a war with Facebook, and there's no reason to believe that it isn't, then the combination of both Orkut and Buzz would be the obvious choice.

Knowing that a Google account is required to use Orkut, and a Gmail account is required for Buzz, we can safely assume that we're looking at roughly 200 million users to any service that would combine the two. This number could sway one direction or the other, as a Google account does not equate to a Gmail account, but I'd say that 200 million is a solid guess.

Chris Saad speculated in a tweet that the "Facebook killer" referenced by Rose may be an "upgrade" to Google's "Google Profiles" feature. Louis Gray adds, "I don't know if Google Me exists or not. I would not be surprised if it does, but I also would not be surprised if this simply relates to the continued evolution of Profiles, with [Rick Klau, who recently joined the Google Profiles group] and team on watch."

What features would you want to see in a social network launched by Google?

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