Google Introduces A New Way To Screen Telemarketers

But there's a catch. đź‘€

We’re getting closer to a world without spam ― that you have to listen to, anyway.

Google unveiled a new feature for specific Android phones Tuesday meant to help users identify “suspected spam callers” and ignore them completely.

When a telemarketer or similarly annoying entity calls you, the phone app will display a red bar and a text warning to indicate that you shouldn’t bother picking up. You’ll also be able to permanently block and report the caller.

It looks like this:

Here’s the catch: The feature only works on the official Google Phone app, which is exclusive to the company’s line of Nexus and Android One devices.   

Nexus phones basically offer a “pure” version of Android ― a way for Google to show off new features before they make their way to other smartphones.

If you like the idea of screening spammy callers, though, The Guardian notes that there are plenty of apps on the market that offer similar features.



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