Google's Pizza Ad: Man Repeats Word For 10 Minutes (VIDEO)

There was once a time when advertising by Google was rare. Then came the Super Bowl ad. Now this.

In "Pizza," Google demonstrates what interactive advertising of the future could look like. While the content of the ad is a bit bizarre -- how many times in a row can a man say pizza? -- at various points in the video, users can click objects to launch new videos, which appear to be out-takes of the original.

One observant YouTube user discovered the following clickable opportunities:

Click on the basketball at 0:42, on the word "azzip" at 1:22, on the fire at 1:47, on the word "Florida" at 4:39, on the horse head at 5:49, on the dinosaur at 6:36, on Santa at 7:58 and on the toast at 9:06 :)

The video goes hand-in-hand with a recent ad campaign launched by Google called "Watch This Space," demonstrating the creativity in advertising that today's Internet allows.

"Pizza" specifically promotes Google Mobile and location search for GPS-enabled devices.