21 Google+ Privacy Tips: The Ultimate Guide

21 Google+ Privacy Tips

So you're on Google+. You've familiarized yourself with our Google+ guide, the social network's features, and what it has that Facebook doesn't. But what about privacy?

It's something for everyone to think about. Whether you're a newbie or power user, being familiar with Google+'s privacy settings (and the tips below) can help make you feel safer and more comfortable using it.

Google has shown it's serious about privacy with Google+, after previous social networking efforts like Buzz raised privacy concerns. G+ is loaded with privacy settings, centered around a "circles" approach, allowing you to selectively share with whom you please. A privacy flaw raised by The Financial Times was quickly remedied by Google. In addition, TechCrunch reports that Google has acquired a privacy-centric social network.

It seems users are taking advantage of the privacy options too: more than two-thirds of Google+ activity is private.

Some of Google+'s privacy settings are obvious, but others are not so apparent. The tips below are a wide array of both basic and more advanced tips to feel secure on Google+. (Many thanks to those who shared tips on this G+ post.)

For more on Google's views on privacy, for Google+ and beyond, see its Privacy Center.

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