Google+ Users You Need To Follow: 35 Personalities To Add To Your Circles

35 Google+ Users You Need To Follow

Google+, the latest Google-developed service to break into the social networking scene, seems to be a hit.

Though initial reviews of Google+ were mixed, its user base is growing at a staggering rate. According to Google CEO Larry Page (himself a Google+ user), the service has already passed the 10-million member mark, and those users share over a billion pieces of content per day.

Already, there are a number of Google+ users who are taking advantage of all the robust platform has to offer. To help new Google Plusers get started, we've compiled a list of 35 active users you should be following as the service gets off the ground. By adding these social personalities to your Google+ Circles, you'll be able to enjoy a constant stream of quality content and really get a sense of how Google+ is meant to be used. (You can also click here to view Huffington Post staff on Google+.)

Once you have a feel for the other users on the service, take a look through our slideshow of helpful tips for Google+ newbies (aka everyone), and see what else Google+ offers that Facebook leaves out.

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