Google Product Search 'Shopping' Page Gets Flashy Redesign

Google's shopping site has purchased a whole new wardrobe.

Google Product Search, the Internet giant's online shopping portal for clothes and consumer products, has gone through a major redesign. According to the Google Commerce blog, the new look is "designed to inspire and facilitate easy, enjoyable browsing and shopping." The old page was a simple product search, mirroring the barebones look of the main Google search page (image via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine):

Now, the landing page is quite visual:

Other updates to the Google shopping experience include larger product images when searching and a new feature that allows shoppers to scan through items that look similar to articles of clothing they like, a sort of Pandora for clothes shopping.

The redesign was headed up by the team behind the now-shuttered, the popular shopping site with the "Visual Search" that Google purchased in August 2010. Former Like co-founder and current member of the Google Commerce team Burak Gokturk explained in a blog post that Google will also be shuttering, a shopping site that Gokturk helped Google launch in 2010.

"If you’re a user of and other websites, you’ll soon receive an email with instructions for saving your data before those websites are transitioned on October 14," wrote Gokturk.